We spent a gorgeous day at the beach today, climbing rocks, exploring caves, doing qigong, perching in high places to wave at whales and opening fully to Nature. Later we sat on the headland in quiet awe of the golden full moon as it slowly emerged into a darkening sky. It was medicine.

The thoughts that had been constantly rolling over in my mind of late were lost in the crash and smash of waves, and the unfulfilled curiosity provided by rock pool mysteries was an antidote to the general dependancy on logic and hard knowledge.

The longer we stay the more we fall into the environment. The eye perceives small and subtle  things like tiny wrens, complex patterns on bark and, as the day goes on the colours changing,  turn of the tide, shift of wind. These things become significant and cause small or large amounts of delight within the observer. There are internal changes too, physiological ones, measurable by researchers with gadgets that contribute to the growing body of evidence highlighting the health benefits of spending quality time in Nature. Decreased blood pressure, increased parasympathetic and immune function, lower production of the stress hormone cortisol, feelings of peace and connection….

The teenagers have scrambled over the ridge to the next cove. They’ve been gone for a while but worry is peripheral. They are safer here amongst sand, rock and shrub than road and footpath. With no wi-fi to distract they become present, youthful, adventurous and physical again. We hear a distant cooee. They are waving from the top of the cliff. We watch them bushwhack a short cut back down through a tangle of vines and uneven terrain- it’s tricky, and a poignant reflection of striving to find ones’ own path through the often uncomfortable journey of adolescence .

Letting in the essence of Nature requires a special knack- an understanding of how the mind gives us an experience of self defined by the perimeters of our flesh and bone structure. The ability to suspend this belief for a while allows us to connect with a greater experience of self as vast and unrestrained. We touch the deep potential to know our true Self as Nature- as an expression of universal energy. It’s refreshing, and engages the reset button.

We’re off clock time. It’s down to the sun and the moon. When the shadows grow long and the warmth is gone it’s time to move on. So simple, and simplicity holds space for joy….

We look forward to refreshing mind and body and rediscovering simplicity with you at the Ziran Qigong Spring Retreat this September.









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