Under the guidance of Master Liu Deming we develop as Qigong practitioners and teachers, cultivating our experience of self as Nature, and as vessels for the Qi flowing endlessly between heaven and earth. We offer our service as agents for the improvement of your health and wellness.

Toby Mills

Ma Osteopathy, Ba Dance, Dip Pilates

A long time student of Master Liu, Toby was initiated as a disciple student in 2016. As a level 2 Qigong Instructor with a background in professional dance and Pilates, Tobys’ experience of the body in motion is deep and diverse. He is a practicing osteopath and university lecturer. He investigates the bridges between eastern and western medical paradigms, aligning metaphor with structure to shed light on the cause and effects of the practices of Qigong.  Toby is a keen bush explorer, rock hopper and visionary, having recently developed the Ziran Qigong Online Learning Academy.

Renato Keca

Ba Acupuncture

Renato is an acupuncturist, long term practitioner of Ziran Qigong adn level 2 instructor. He was also initiated as a disciple student in 2016. Renatos deep understanding of the Traditional Chinese Health and Meridian systems deepens his students experience of practice. He is an adventurer and endurance athlete, running, cycling and striving his way through all sorts of terrain.

Tora Crockford

Ba Creative Arts,  Dip Classical Yoga, Dip Events
Toras’ interest is in providing environments that support the people to reconnect with their innate understanding of Health. She has a deep care for the earth and and finds in Nature a powerful tonic for healing.  She is a level 1 Qigong instructor and taught classical Yoga for some years. She guides deep relaxation using somatic techniques to reset the nervous system for more effective tension release.

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