Ziran Qigong

Ziran Qigong- Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Qigong emerged as a internal Qi building practice in the Taoist temples and martial arts schools of China. Ziran Qigong developed within the highly respected Zi Ran Men martial lineage. The practices were used to develop deep internal strength that supported vitality and longevity, and when combined with meditative intent conditioned and united body and mind.

What are the Benefits?

The graceful movements, meditations and breath techniques of Ziran Qigong work deeply to support your health by opening and conditioning the bodies energy pathways, allowing your Qi to move freely. This improves circulation, encourages the release of physical and mental tensions, nourishes body systems and guides the body/mind back into balance. Ziran Qigong works on many levels and you don’t have to be an experienced practitioner to enjoy the benefits.


The Ziran Qigong System

Level 1: Ziran Body Remodelling and Mind Fasting,                                                                  ‘Training your Essence to Convert to Qi’. 

Through focused purposeful movement sequences we stretch and cleanse the bodies tendons and meridians, stimulate circulation of qi as blood, regulate hormone production and settle the mind.  The goal of level one is to cultivate a meditative relaxation through movement where the body feels as if it is ‘interconnected’.

As you become more efficient at relaxed interconnected movement, it becomes easier to perceive certain parts of the body that feel stuck, stiff or disconnected.  Such recognition enhance ones ability to actively and consciously release physical and emotional tensions and restore healthy Qi flow.


Level 2: Ziran Nourishing and Strengthening Method,                                                                 ‘Converting ones Qi into Shen’

Looking at the connection between mental and emotional stress (mind) and physical well being (body) cultures awareness and empowerment. We look to both western medical perspective and holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective to understand health. Meditations are guided by Taoist philosophies such as ‘The Equality of All Things’ to help place the individual in broader universal context.

Level 3: Awakening the Light of Reason: Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit,                 ‘Converting ones Shen into Nothingness’

At the highest level of the Healing Arts the practitioner is attempting to harmonise all aspects of ones being.  Shen refers to the Spirit or radiance of an individual. When the bodies essence (Jing) and vitality (Qi) are strong and well nourished the spirit (Shen) is content. The practitioner feels sound in both mind and body, and deeply connected to all that is.