Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


We will take all necessary cautions to ensure that participants are safe and well cared for, however the health and safety of a participant is solely their own responsibility. Attendees must use their knowledge of self and best judgement to make informed decisions when considering to what extent they will participate in the activities offered. We suggest you consult with your doctors before the retreat commences if you have existing medical conditions or injuries. We are able to modify our practices for your greater comfort and ease if necessary.

We ask that you always swim with a friend and notify someone if you are going for an adventure on your own.

Cancellation Policy

Please allow a minimum of 72 hours notice for cancellation of any booking so that we may offer your spot to someone else. If the minimum notice of cancellation is not given a full refund (minus the $300 non-refundable portion) may not be considered. If you wish to cancel your booking please email


Event Cancellation

If for any reason the event is cancelled, a full refund will be given to all who have paid, (not including the $300 non-refundable part). If the event is re-scheduled all bookings will be transferred to the new date. If it’s not possible for you to attend on the re-scheduled date then a full refund will be given.

Refund Policy

Full refunds will only be considered if the minimum notice of cancellation is given.
If the cancelled booking cannot be filled because less than the minimum notice of cancellation was given, 50% of the refundable amount may be withheld to cover costs.
If a participant does not show up for an event and no notice of cancellation is given, we will not be obliged to offer a full refund.
PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will not be given once the event has started.


All payment requests are sent to the PayPal payment gateway where the transactions take place. The PayPal site is secure and all transactions are encrypted. PayPal guarantee all transactions for both vendor and payee.


We value your privacy. The online event registration site does not retain or store any of your personal or financial information. The only information retained is whether you have or haven’t made a successful transaction, the amount, your name and contact number.

If something is not clear or your questions haven’t been answered here please get in touch.


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