Healthy Liver

The Food

Meal times are one of our favourite communal experiences on retreat, a time to come together in gratitude for the food we enjoy and the company of others who are opening to improved health and happiness.

The menus for all our events are informed by two things:

  1. ‘Food as Medicine’ principles and the season-element-organ relationship.
  2. The seasonal bounty of local spray free produce that is available

Abundant vegetarian and gluten free options will be provided if this is your preference, but this retreat is not exclusively vegetarian. A modest amount of  animal products such as yogurt, ghee, eggs and bone broth are included for their deeply nourishing qualities.

We work for meals, drinks and healthful snacks that are:

vibrant and tasty, appealing to the eye as well as the taste buds gets the digestive system engaged.

nourishing and protecting by including foods with specific flavours and properties.

energizing, protein rich but not heavy

cleansing by increases digestive enzyme production to assist the elimination of metabolic waste.

We are sympathetic to dietary issues such as allergies and food sensitivities and with adequate notice should be able to provide something suitable for you.

The Principles- Liver and Gallbladder Health

According to Chinese Five Element theory Spring is Wood element time. The Wood element governs the liver and gallbladder and associated tissues of eyes and tendons. So Spring is an ideal time to tend to your liver/gallbladder health.

Poor or blocked liver Qi affects blood detoxification and elimination of metabolic waste from the blood. It limits our capacity to be flexible physically-  in tendons/ligaments, and also mentally- in mind and temperament.

Healthy liver lends us clear vision and intention for the future. The gall bladder is like the general, harnessing the troops to carry out the plan.People with strong wood energy have great compassion, love and a healthy body. They have clear vision and know how to bring their goals into being.

We don’t do…..

Fasting, Raw Food or Colonics

Lunch will be our main mean and dinner will be a lighter, more modest affair. This is an effective way to reduce the load on the body, ensuring that the digestive process can be completed so that there is more energy available for the overnight work of repairing, cleaning and restoration.

Salads provide many important mineral and antioxidants but in our opinion a diet consisting of all raw foods requires a lot of energy for adequate breakdown.

There are conflicting opinions around colonic irrigation when not medically required with the concern being that it removes the colony of helpful gut/ colon flora as well as the unhelpful. Generally, eating fresh unprocessed foods, taking adequate fluids away from meals, using select herbs and spices, exercising and sleeping well will support the body towards restoring its own balance.