Qigong In Spring

powellswallowtail (800x641)In Spring we can observe the energy of expansion and renewal expressed in all forms of Nature. Plants and creatures come alive with new vigor as the world awakens from the inward solace of winter.

We invite you to tune into this time of new potential and invigorated growth so that Spring becomes a great time to grow new ideas, nurture your visions for the future, look at what’s needed for your optimum health and put into place some practices to achieve this.



On retreat our Acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese Medicine, Renato Keca explains the Five Element and Taoist Yin Yang theories. In these theories the four seasons are each an embodiment of an element of nature and expressed as a specific energy or quality. The elements have a relationship with certain important organs and influence related body systems. Applying this knowledge to our planning, actions and decisions can support our overall health by bringing us into harmony with Natures impulses and the way of the world.

Season             Quality                   Element                Organ

Spring              Expansion               Wood                     Liver

Autumn           Contraction             Metal                     Lung

Winter             Storing                    Water                     Kidney

Summer          Release                    Fire                        Heart

Tracie + Jo

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