As we watched the Autumn leaves fall today,  I was reminded of Natures indication that it’s time to let go….of that which no longer serves us, of that which has served its purpose, of what has lost its vigor. The tree doesn’t fret for the loss of its’ leaves but accepts that it’s time for change. Can I be like that I wonder?

Autumn is the season of gentle contraction. The tree is drawing its’ energy back from the periphery to nourish and maintain the vital structures of trunk and roots. It’s a looking inward time. Time to nourish the lungs and large intestine- that which takes in and that which releases what is no longer useful. Also time to assess your deep health and look at what you need.

I saw myself in the trees, and I felt no fear of change, but a curiosity. Whether I accept it or not, I am always Nature.


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